“Tell your story and live forever”

Heritage Film is a family history video service. We document and preserve your family stories for generations to come.

How much would you give to hear your mother’s voice again? How many of us have home movies sitting in shoeboxes gathering dust? Could you watch those movies even if you wanted to? What about your old family photos? Do you know the names of all the people in those old pictures? These family memories are fading away. Your children may never know what Grandma and Grandpa looked or sounded like. Why not do something about it?

When my father was in his final days, he told me family stories I’d never heard before. Some of them were funny. Some were very painful to hear but they made me realize who he really was. Unfortunately, I never had anything with me to record his stories. This is why I created Heritage Film.

I was inspired by the StoryCorps Project where everyday people would sit down and interview each other and walk away with a CD of their conversation. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, best friends….they all sat down and recorded a short glimpse of their lives. They all had a story to tell. Sometimes it was a simple anecdote or a fond memory, but often they were stories of profound strength and courage.

Heritage Film is here to serve families who want to save their family stories.

– – Dave Morrison