InterviewAction2We’ll sit down and have a conversation in the comfort of your home….or wherever you’d like to talk. All we need is a quiet, comfortable location with few distractions. I will record your interview in High Definition video with high-quality microphones and lighting. I’ll provide you and your family with a finished DVD or BluRay* to keep forever.

Dig out those old family photos and home movies and we’ll bring them back to life as they are added to your interview footage. Your story will come to life as the images of your family are woven into your film. Faces from the past will live on as you preserve your memories for future generations.

I’ll have a set of questions for you to review that will cover most of the important phases of your life including childhood, adolescence, school and adulthood. You can pick and choose from my list of questions or you can add your own. If all you want to do is talk and reminisce during the session….that’s fine too. If there are specific parts of your life that you’d like to discuss, just let me know. This is designed to help you tell your story.

Don’t worry, this will be a conversation, not an interrogation! It will be more like the Biography Channel than 60 Minutes. This is all about you….your story….your life.

* VHS tape available on request