This site is dedicated to my parents – Ramona Jeanne DeWese Morrison and David Patterson Morrison

I’m Dave Morrison. I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. My career started with a small town weekly paper and continued with the largest paper in the southeastern US, the Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Petersburg Times). I started my own commercial photography business, Morrison Photographics, and established Heritage Film as a tribute to my late parents and to all the parents who have a story to tell. Let me use my photographic skills to help you tell your story.

After the death of my parents, I knew that I wanted to create something to honor their lives. Unfortunately, I never took the time to ask them all the questions I always wanted to ask. I had some old unidentified photos, spools of grainy home movies fading away in shoe boxes, but their stories were untold.

I never captured my father’s sense of humor, my mother’s talent for playing the piano, nothing of them talking about what their lives were like. Their stories were slipping away from me. I knew there are lots of people like me who are in danger of losing these stories. As a photographer, I was mad at myself for letting this happen. I also knew that I wanted to do something about it.

Heritage Film is dedicated to my parents and to all the parents who have a story to tell. Let me help you preserve your story for generations to come.